What we offer

PRICE training offers a range of services to help organisations to positively support and manage challenging behaviour. We work with a wide range of organisations such as children’s homes, education settings, fostering agencies, health settings and adult services. 

Positive Behaviour Support and Physical Intervention Training

These courses focus heavily on developing Positive Approaches to Challenging Behaviour through knowledge, planning, de-escalation and de-fusion. However, they also provide BILD accredited ,risk assessed physical holds for use as a last resort.

Click the links below for more information about courses suitable for the people you work with: 

Children’s sector courses

Adult sector courses  

Residential Care Matters Training

We offer a wide range of courses to the residential sector through our Residential Care Matters package. These courses are designed to designed to improve the consistency and quality of care as well as workforce morale. Click here for more information.

Information and Resources

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Combining expertise through training, consultancy, procedures and direct work to improve the lives of vulnerable children and adults.

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