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Foundations for best practice in children's homes


It goes without saying how hard so many residential care staff work, looking after some of the most vulnerable people in our society, encountering daily challenges that little or no training could ever fully equip them for. The personal and emotional cost can sometimes be very high. 

Thus the Residential Care Matters (RCM) programme provides a ‘value base’ benchmark for staff teams and managers over a range of everyday topics with a focus on consistency of care. By building and maintaining a sound shared value base, a team can greatly improve the outcomes for children as well as improve workforce morale. 

Developed by a group of professionals who not only have a significant degree of expertise in social care and social work but a very real and everyday experience of working in children's homes, RCM courses are designed to be delivered either by one of our experienced trainers, ‘in house’ by a supervisor, manager or experienced support workers. No prior training experience is required. 

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