We provide training which empowers and enables foster carers and fostering agencies to improve the life chances of the children in foster placements and help to avoid placement breakdowns.
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At PRICE training we understand that the task of fostering is a tough one, foster carers look after extremely vulnerable children and young people who often display behaviour which is difficult to cope with. These BILD accredited courses, especially for foster carers and those who support them, deliver skills that will help manage physically-challenging behaviour in the least restrictive way, focusing heavily on de-escalation and diversion techniques.

Our training enables your staff to:

  • prevent and de-escalate crises
  • understand the role of Positive behaviour support plans within a behaviour management framework
  • understand the causes of challenging behaviour and its functions
  • provide effective coping strategies for service users and support workers
  • reduce the need to rely on high-risk interventions
  • learn a range of breakaway techniques

We offer two models of delivery for this training:

Participant model – one of our highly experienced BILD Acredited PRICE training Instructor’s deliver the course directly to those in your organisation who need the skills. 

Instructor model – you send a member of your staff to train to become a BILD approved in-house PRICE Instructor. Once qualified they can deliver bespoke training within your organisation to those who need it. You can train as many people as your organisation requires.

Choosing the right model for your organisation depends on a number of factors. Please visit our FAQs page for more guidance, or contact us to discuss your needs.

Supporting foster carers to make a difference in the lives of children and young people

Making sense of the daily challenges that foster carers face

Promoting positive approaches to challenging behaviour in a foster care environment