Instructor - Positive Approaches to Challenging Behaviour Instructor - Children and Young People

5 day course

Course Information

Course Information

Instructor - Positive Approaches to Challenging Behaviour Instructor - Children and Young People

5 day course

Course Overview

Whether your organisation supports vulnerable children and young people, people with learning disabilities or adults in mental health secure settings this course will equip a trainee of the 5 Day Instructor Course to return to their organisation and deliver a PACB and Defusion and De-escalation BILD PIAS accredited courses. Newly qualified Instructors will obtain a level of expertise that goes beyond just delivering in-house training. They will also be able to respond to the ever changing behavioural support needs of people we support. Each trainee will undergo an assessment to confirm their competency in course delivery.

Who is this course aimed at?

This course is aimed at individuals who have prior experience of behaviour support related training (PRICE or otherwise) as well as a sufficient level of practice based experience. This course is also ideal for those practitioners who hold a training or supervisory role or are responsible for leading teams.


Learning outcomes

Upon course completion, trainees shall:

  • Be highly competent in delivering Positive Approaches to Challenging Behaviour courses, disseminating knowledge and skills to staff groups consisting of individuals with varying experiences and a range of learning styles.
  • Develop a good understanding of the importance of coaching skills in the adult learning environment. They will be comfortable in using a range of tools to reinforce and embed learning so as to mitigate against the effects of skill and knowledge fade.
  • Be skilled in assessing the competency of staff under their instruction and be able to design and implement follow-up development plans for staff requiring further support around achieving competency.
  • Be capable of providing on-going support with regard to best practice in relation to positive behaviour support.
  • Be well versed and skilled in communicating the key principles and values of the PRICE approach to supporting people who present challenging behaviour, specifically:
    • Physical intervention is a last resort, and should form part of a wider strategy for managing challenging and violent behaviour.
    • A system that acknowledges the service users rights and dignity.
    • Promotes least intrusive intervention.
    • Acknowledges the responsibilities inherent in a Duty of Care.
    • Minimum use of force and minimum duration.
    • Gradient of response/approach (incident appropriate techniques phased up or down as circumstances dictate)
    • The avoidance of the use of pain or restraint upon the ground (where possible)
    • No use of holds against joints.
    • Differentiate between escorting, touch and holding in accordance with legal boundaries and principles of good practice.
    • The essential value of working as a team.

Course Requirements

Must have: completed a 2 day PACB or equivalent; minimum of 2 years practice-based experience; a professional qualification; hold or be working towards an adult teaching qualification; a certificate in first aid.


£1,365 + VAT

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