Defusion and De-escalation - Children and Young People

1 day course

Course Information

Course Information

Defusion and De-escalation - Children and Young People

1 day course

Course Overview

Our 1 and 2 day Defusion and De-escalation courses are tailored to both settings which support adults with mental health difficulties and/or learning disabilities and children and young people who for a variety of reasons present challenging behaviour. This course is appropriate for residential, day care, supported living centres, educational and health settings.

The 1 day course primarily focuses on the theory around Defusion and De-escalation providing participants with a sound understanding of ways in which to support those presenting challenging behaviour, including an awareness of the effective use of space, proximity and touch.

Who is this course aimed at?

Personnel who work with young people whom for a variety of reasons, present challenging behaviour.

Learning outcomes

Upon course completion, participants shall:

  • Be able to identify and make consistent responses to challenging behaviours presented by people being supported.
  • Develop an awareness of the needs of people being supported and reasons for behaviour both prior  to, and during episodes of behaviour escalation.
  • Have an understanding of primary and secondary prevention strategies.
  • Understand the functions of behaviour.
  • Understand personal responses to situations involving conflict, aggression and violence.
  • Develop a range of de-escalation and defusion techniques appropriate to context.
  • Develop an awareness of the importance of promoting the dignity, choice and inclusion of people being supported  through individualised behaviour planning.
  • Recognise the importance of promoting a consistent team work approach in responding to the needs of people being supported.
  • Have an awareness of gender and cultural issues in relation to developing individual behaviour support plans.
  • To understand and apply the concept of Positive Behaviour Support, recognising the way in which this can be used to deliver effective person-centred support for people whose behaviour challenges.
  • Recognise how person-centred support can enable a high quality of life for all concerned.
  • To understand the importance of post incident support.

Course Requirements

No prior learning required

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