Case Study

Since going on PRICE training in 2006 as a Life Skills Instructor, I adopted the values and ethos PRICE promotes and developed an aspiration to become a PRICE Instructor. I wanted to be part of a team who put the best interests of our most vulnerable people within the health and social care sector at the heart of everything they do - whilst encouraging and maintaining staff safety. I became a PRICE Instructor in 2011, and for my professional development and career and I can't praise PRICE enough. I have been given opportunities to deliver PRICE training to services around England and Wales, enabling me to develop my own skills and knowledge, but to also share these with staffing teams. The greatest achievement for me, is receiving excellent feedback from staff that they now feel much more confident to fulfill their roles and responsibilities, they have changed a mindset they once had and have learnt new ways of thinking and approaching some quite difficult situations. This gives me confidence that young people continue to be supported at a high standard and safeguarded which is what PRICE is all about. I hold a great passion for ensuring vulnerable children, adolescents and adults are kept safe, and given the best opportunity to live a full life they have a right to live - being a PRICE Instructor allows me to really drive that message through to staffing teams, and providing staff with the skills and value base to achieve that goal. 


Meeting so many different people, enables me as an Instructor to deliver further training, as I have been requested to return the following year which continues to build professional and positive relationships within a network. I have recently been asked to return to a service on a consultancy basis, which for me as a PRICE Instructor is a huge achievement and provides me with lots more future opportunities to grow and develop. I am excited for my future career at PRICE and the windows of opportunities that it brings.