Case Study

Case Study - physical intervention in the classroom


As an Autism Spectrum Disorder School working with many students with complex and challenging needs, we were concerned that more and more staff were feeling the need to initiate restraints on our students. Behaviour in the class room would often escalate rapidly leaving staff feeling that they had little choice but to respond in a physical way.

We asked PRICE (physical intervention) training to help us look at our practice and following a thorough pre training assessment of our needs we sent a number of staff to be trained as Instructors. They returned as qualified PRICE instructors and were able to pass the skills they learned onto others in school. It took about two years for the whole staff team to be trained in positive behaviour support.

Almost immediately we saw a drop in physical restraints in the class room and around school. Staff commented that they felt much more able to deal with concerning behaviour early on, which prevented it from becoming serious enough to require restraint. In those cases where restraint was still required staff felt that they were using the techniques more confidently and safely. Overall staff felt more able to judge the gradient of response needed on a case by case basis.

The effect on students was noticeable too, many said they felt less frustration in the class room and felt that staff had listened to their concerns and needs in a fairer way. We really pleased with the child centred approach that PRICE affords us and this has made a big impact on the school environment.

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