Case Study

As manager of an eating disorder clinic, I am responsible for managing staff who often have to use restraint in order to facilitate the feeding of patients. When I joined this organisation we were using another positive behaviour support model, but as I had experienced PRICE in my former organisation I was keen to move us over. The transition was painless and the PRICE team and Instructors really helped us to understand what we needed to change. Their thorough needs assessment process meant we could share all of our concerns and be reassured that we would get a programme that really met our needs. We used to have real problems with feeds, but once our staff were trained we found that the resistance in hold massively reduced. The patients did not feel as exposed or confined in the new holds, so did not feel the need to offer the same level of resistance . Staff felt hugely relieved and less stressed about this difficult part of their work. The annual updates ensure that we are always aware of changes to guidance and law that helps us ensure that we are always improving the service we give our patients. The PRICE model helps us to carefully manage the sensitive balance between care and control that is needed in our setting.