Customised support for Instructors to help them go on to train others with confidence

When working as Manager for a group of care homes, I organised for several staff members to become PRICE instructors. Following this training they each went out into their individual homes to train staff and take on responsibility for behaviour support. Part of a PRICE Instructors responsibility involves refreshing themselves and staff on skills and theory on an annual basis. One of our PRICE Instructors never felt confident teaching the theory element of the course to others despite having a thorough grasp of it themselves. We spoke to PRICE about this and over the next three years, PRICE worked closely with this Instructor to develop their confidence around the theory element. They did this by providing an additional theory module in each of the annual refreshers.

Since then staff have commented on how well the theory element of this training is taught and the Instructor in question has received outstanding feedback on the element of their work. They have commented that this was the best thing to happen to them in their career.